Show Password

‘Show password’ is a small and simple Jquery plugin that let your users decide whether they want their password fields masked or not.

“Usability suffers when users type in passwords and the only feedback they get is a row of bullets. Typically, masking passwords doesn’t even increase security, but it does cost you business due to login failures.” – Jacob Nielsen, Stop password masking.

This Jquery plugin, ‘Show password’, let the user decide whether they want their passwords masked or not. Just take a look at the demo beneath and you’ll see what I mean.

How to implement

Very simple! First you download, then you do like this:

  1. <input id="text" type="password" data-typetoggle='#checkbox' />
  2. <input id="checkbox" type="checkbox" /><label>Show password</label>

Two html elements are needed; a password field and a checkbox. The input field needs an extra data variable, data-typetoggle, to link the checkbox to the field. Then you just execute the javascript line below.

  1. $('#text').showPassword();
Change log
1.3New syntax using HTML5 data variables.

967 days ago

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968 days ago

I just bought CHTEMELE; a boardgame about HTML5 for 2 – 5 players.

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We are 18, we have no work, we don’t study, we are Anonymous. -We know.

972 days ago

We are 18, we have no work, we don’t study, we are Anonymous. -We know.

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